Thinking Of Home Financing?

Homeowners have woken up to the fact that an excellent way to perk up their lifestyles as well as their bank accounts is home financing. Take finances for renovating your home and increase your home value. In due course of time, your neighbors will be surprised to see the new you!

For those who are not into the nitty-gritty of financial matters, here are some basics of home financing known by millions of Americans.

Kinds Of Home Financing

Usually, loans for home financing are categorized as secured and unsecured. The latter is a loan, which has a fixed frame of payment. The secured loan also has the same feature with the difference that if you are unable to pay within the fixed time, the lender has the right to seize your asset and sell it in order to raise funds for paying off the loan.

With remodeling and home improvements projects, the asset is used as security is usually your home itself. There is a separate document for pledging your asset. It is called a deed of trust or mortgage. Do you know that you can pledge the same asset for more than one loan? In this case, the loans are unambiguously ranked in priority. This explains all the fuss about first and second mortgages.

Why do people take secured loans?

1)To obtain a lower rate of interest
2)To borrow more cash in home financing
3)To mitigate taxes

Loan Qualifications

The first step is to discuss with your lenders about YOUR options. It is a tendency of the lenders to focus on THEIR options. Hence, it’s a good idea to begin with a reputable mortgage broker, as he or she may give you a range of loans. Besides this, your lender may pre-qualify you for more than one loan. They are well-versed with the lending rules; hence, it’s better to have them by your side.

Remember, lenders of home financing are interested in your

2)Credit record
3)Property value

What Are “Points”?

Many loans have something called points. They are nothing but a fee for taking the loan. Points are denoted as the percentage of loan amount. One point= one percent. Points help the lender pay for the expenses incurred in arranging for the loan and to make a profit as well.

Kinds Of Interest Rates

The loan in which the interest rate remains unchanged throughout the loan period is called fixed rate loan. There are loans in which the interest rate may either rise or dip in accordance with market rate such as prime rate. The variable rate is always two percentage points more than the existing prime rate.

Choosing Your Lender

There are three sources that can help you in home financing:

1)Mortgage brokers
2)Specialized lenders

Mortgage brokers are usually associated with regional and national banks, insurance companies, specialized lenders, and even the affluent class. Their diverse association is their specialty. It means you can obtain a broad spectrum of home financing options from them.

Specialized lenders specialize in a single or a couple of loan types. Their specialty is their deep knowledge about the loans they deal with. They are experienced enough to offer you extremely competitive rates for home financing.

Banks work if you have a good rapport with the lender and he or she agrees to give you a broad range of home financing options.

So, start preparing for making your home a dream place with home financing!

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